When planning an event so many decisions must be made. It’s only natural for most people to start asking many questions. They usually start out simple…

Which DJ keeps guests dancing all night long? Who is the “it” MC? Are flowers just for girls? What venue can hold 200+ people? Does the photographer work well with children? More importantly, does the photographer know how to use Photoshop? Do people really eat duck pate? Are pigs in a blanket so 1980?  Which are more popular – flash or airbrush tattoos? What liquor should I serve in the ice luge? The questions can be endless, but most answers are merely opinions.

Who? What? Where? Why? How?

How can one pull off an event with so many questions and concerns? Upon hiring an event planner, you can be rest assured that seasoned, successful industry professionals have the right resources at their fingertips. We happen to know which vendors are a perfect fit for your event and we only use the most respected and best in the biz for our clients.

All too often, we have heard people asking far too many people for their preferences. The saying, “too many cooks in the kitchen” is the result when this occurs. An important detail in the planning process is to be particular about the source you may get a referral from. What’s good for one, may in fact, not be good for another.

Contracts, pricing and other factors vary per event. One cannot compare what “special package price” their friend received for their party a year ago. Another example of this would be the red roses your friend purchased for a September event. Of course, they were an “amazing deal”, but this will not be your price for your December or February event. Flowers can demand top dollar depending on the season and time of year. Once again, if guided properly you will be directed to the best option for YOU.

Word of mouth is one of the best assets available. But, one should also do their own research, read testimonials, ask their own questions and listen to their trusted party planner if they have one. At the end of the day, it’s your event and you should do what you and your family like and are comfortable with.

It certainly is an honor to work with great clients and preferred vendors. Just as much as we love receiving referrals, we love giving referrals just the same.

We know that having a superior creative team will ensure a STYLED event.

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