We are often asked,”What is the most important part of the party?” Being in the business, we appreciate every element from the place cards to the lighting. All these elements coming together are what makes an event FAB, but music is usually center stage.  The bottom line is that we want your guests to have a great time and talk about your party for days, well…forever! Guests big and small always remember the food and even more importantly the music. We encourage you to find a great DJ or band that knows how to keep your guests engaged and active during your event. Many feel that having a DJ work an ipod or a band sing a song list is enough, but such is not the case. It’s about hiring someone that can “feel” the energy in the room and “read” the crowd and know what music is appropriate at what times and definitely knowing what to play to keep the party going. MIXING it up is the key to a great event. Something that makes your guests want to join in is KEY.


It’s important to make sure that whoever you hire for music can make your night special. Have the band learn special songs that you love or give the DJ your list of wants and don’t plays. Always be clear with your musicians about whether you want your guests to be able to request music. Your taste is not always everyone else’s. So make your song list and check it twice, we want your party to be more than nice.

Stay TUNED and see how Styled Events gets creative with music at one of our upcoming events.

Hey Mr. DJ, Turn The Music Up!


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