The first thing that may come to mind when one says, “wedding planner” is the outrageously funny and over the top “Franck” in the 1991 movie, “Father of the Bride”.


Then 10 years later, Jennifer Lopez filled that role in “The Wedding Planner”.


and now the fabulous, chi, chi, chi, Kevin Lee, celebrity wedding planner extraordinaire, is frequently seen on reality tv.

Just FYI, Kevin is the inspiration for Franck.


If you’re wondering which JENNIFER KELLER STYLED EVENTS is most like, we’re going to say J.Lo. However, if you want humor and fun, we, no doubt, can bring that too.

Many ask why they should hire a wedding planner. Some even think they are just for celebrities who have unlimited budgets for their big day. However, we’re here to tell you that anyone having an event no matter what the budget, can and should, have an event planner for multiple reasons. Most start the process thinking it’s all fun and exciting, which it is. We obviously LOVE it! But, there is plenty of stress involved. A good planner can alleviate the headaches, be a mediator and end up being your fairy godmother so to speak.

Details, Details, Details…from the dots of  icing on your cake to dotting your “i”s on contracts. An event planner has the eye for all details and will take over the daunting tasks of making sure you get what you are paying for. They will hold your hand every step of the way (You must walk down the aisle by yourself though, but we’re right behind you to tell you when.)

Ideas… we like to say we are full of them. We also love to hear yours and expand on them if needed and make them into a reality.

Resources… we have them. We know which vendors are perfect for your event. Just because you heard of a friend, who has an uncle, who has a son, who takes the best photos does not mean this guy is right for you. We only use the most respected and best in the biz for our clients.

Knowledge… a true asset of a seasoned planner. We know what things should cost and help keep your budget in line with your expectations. We know where to go for specific items and requests and can help address those issues on seating charts, speeches, toasts and more.

Questions… we know the ones to ask to get the answers you need. Do you know the height of the ballroom if you want an acrobatic team at your cocktail hour? What about lighting? Do you need to bring in your own or is the house lighting enough? How large is the area where you will be making your grand entrance? Will your train move easily through it? What height is each tier on the wedding cake? The list is endless.

Eyes, Ears ,Voice and Hands… we become yours. A good planner listens to what the client wants. It’s your event after all. However, when you’re in the bridal suite in hair and make up, who will see that the flowers are alive and the correct color? Who will be there to check if the band showed up and did sound check? Who will keep everyone on a tight schedule to ensure everything starts on time? Was transportation confirmed? A planner is there to be sure every little thing you asked for is there before, during and after, including the heirloom hankie from your great grandmother that was pinned to your bouquet.

Tasks… we handle all of them. From labeling, stuffing, stamping and sending each invite, to dressing great grandparents, putting your guests on a bus and making sure your groom has tic tacs. (You’re welcome!) These are just a few of what we do.

We want our clients to relax and enjoy their event no matter what it is: Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Communion, Bridal/Baby Shower, Birthday, Sweet Sixteen, Quinceanera…

At JENNIFER KELLER STYLED EVENTS  we provide Full Wedding Planning and Month Out Prep and other Event Planning Services.

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