Floral displays have such an impact on all event decor. The selection of the appropriate flowers are more important than you think. For example, roses are more elegant while sunflowers are more playful. Gardenias may be the perfect shade of white, but their scent may be too strong.  You may love the bell shaped blooms on the Lily of The Valley, but may not be aware that they are poisonous.

Which is right for your look? Your color? Your season? Your budget?  More importantly, which flower is which?

It could be very confusing when you may just know the basics like carnations, orchids and roses. But, there are so many more to choose from. Many of these oddly named beauties are quite popular and come in a variety of colors: Hydrangeas, Astromeria, Ranunculus, Lithianthus, Matthiolla, Snap Dragons, Larkspur, Calla Lillies, Sweet William and Tulips.

Here’s a little flower 411 to help you choose what’s right for you…




purple lithianthusPurple Lithianthus

snap dragonsSnap Dragons




sweet williamSweet William

calla lillyCalla Lillies


 These are just some of our top picks!

Just remember, whatever fabulous floral decor you choose always will make for a STYLED EVENT.

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Photos taken from across the web (Pinterest, Flickr.com)