How can I make my child’s mitzvah more original?

Almost every client that comes to us, asks the same question. Everyone wants something different, something bigger and something better. However, it’s not only about having laser light shows and other fancy gimmicks. It’s about making the day authentic and personal. We like to suggest incorporating the child’s real belongings and not just warehouse props in the decor.

For example, we recently used jerseys and trophies which were won and worn by the the guest of honor himself.  In the past, for our extreme sports enthusiast, we took his bikes and boards along with his sticks and stuff to hang at his affair. Our award-winning equestrian gave us her riding caps and crops which made the floral centerpieces unique.

If you can’t physically bring your child’s favorite things to the event, they can still be mentioned and used creatively. We did this by printing table coverings instead of placing linens at a Bat Mitzvah. Sometimes you have to think outside the box, or in this case just bring it.

Including personal touches always make for a STYLED event.

floral 1




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