high tea

If you haven’t noticed, tea has become quite popular lately in some of the most frequented coffee shops. A delicious variety of shaken iced teas, green teas and even Oprah chai tea are now being offered.

Tea has always been front and center abroad, and with all its’ health benefits it’s finally gaining more hype in the states. For centuries the British have been partaking in tea “parties” daily between 4 and 7pm. The custom includes small finger sandwiches, scones and cakes along with breads, butters and jams. The presentation makes everyone feel like royalty. Most little girls all over the world receive china tea sets and have pretend tea parties complete with boas, stuffed animals and all at a very young age.

Why not continue this timeless tradition with the real deal now? Consider having a high tea baby shower, baby naming, birthday party or bridal shower. It’s easy, it’s elegant and it’s a guaranteed STYLED EVENT.

Remember it’s 4:00 somewhere. Cheers!

little girls tea party


tea party

English afternoon tea




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