noun ~ a traditional holiday taken by newlyweds to celebrate their marriage in intimacy and seclusion.

After the wedding, the next best thing is the honeymoon. It’s also the best to plan since only two of you need to agree and the only seats you need to choose are yours. However, there are so many desirable places to visit that narrowing the choices can be difficult. Some newlyweds just want to relax on a beach while others want adventure. We’ve been scouring the web for the top honeymoon destinations around the world and came up with a great variety of options to share with you for the season you want to travel.


St. Kitts & Nevis: These eastern Caribbean islands are romantic with their spectacular views of mountains, beaches and rain forests.

Thailand: This is known as the most seductive vacay spot in the world with its private beaches and exotic cuisine.

Turks & Caicos: These islands have the most sophisticated beaches in the world according to Fodor’s Travel.

Australia: It may be far, but this country has the largest selection of things to do and see from the Great Barrier Reef and the famous Bondi Beach to the well known Sydney Opera House.

Iceland: This postcard perfect destination, otherwise known as the land of fire and ice, is famous for its Blue Lagoon. Soak away all the wedding stress with a relaxing in water massage and dip at this not to be missed geothermal spa.


Caribbean: The best time to visit since the temps are in the low 80s and the rates drop after the winter season. It’s also a safe time since hurricane season isn’t until summer.

Europe: The weather is mild, the rates are lower and it’s less crowded this time of year. Strolling in Paris in the spring time is gorgeous, sunbathing in Barcelona is spectacular and wine tasting in Tuscany is “storybook”esque.

Orlando: It may not be romantic, but some newlyweds enjoy playing in the theme parks. The temps are in the low 80s which make it the ideal time to stand in lines, visit water parks and be young at heart.

Mexico: The crystal blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico are always inviting. This destination combines the best of both worlds. Relax on the beach during the day and then dance all night in one of the many hot spots.

Coastal South Carolina: Hilton Head, Kiawah Islands and Charleston are great choices for affordable travel with no passports necessary. Beautiful beaches and old world charm can make a couple feel a million miles away.


Islands of Tahiti: Tahiti’s winter, July ~ September, has the most sun and water visibility. This place screams romance and is the most sought after honeymoon location.

Greek Isles: Santorini and Mykonos have temps in the 80s and offer a little of everything from island hopping and ancient ruin exploration to great nightlife.

Chile: Who knew that snowfall begins here in June & July which makes skiing a summer hot spot for those who like to hit the slopes. The Latin influence also gives those that like to party till the wee hours of the night something else to do apres ski.

Bermuda: The pink sand beaches of this British Isle have always brought newlyweds here for fishing, golfing and snorkeling. The bonus is that this charming island is outside the hurricane belt, so it’s a safe bet that the weather will be perfect.


South Africa: Take a walk on the wild side with an African adventure while staying at luxurious 5 star lodges and/or platform tents in game reserves. There is no doubt that you will be up close and personal to something else other than your new spouse.

Napa Valley, CA: The end of summer marks the start of the new harvest, so much like your new start, wineries are celebrating their abundant crops with festivals. It’s a guarantee that you can toast your happily ever after here and perhaps enjoy a hot air balloon ride too.

ABC Islands: This fab trio of islands in the Caribbean, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, have great beaches and quaint towns along with private beach coves not to mention perfect weather since they lie below the hurricane belt.

Alaska: This time of year has temps in the 40s and 50s and increased darkness for great viewing of the Northern Lights at night and whale watching during the day.

Vermont: The perfect northeast destination to truly experience autumn. Hiking, galleries and museums are just a few things to do while visiting.

Wherever you honeymoon (verb), we wish you safe travels. Bon Voyage!

*Photos taken from various sources across the web.