As we wrap up the amazing season, we’d like to make mention of an important element that can be overlooked. Everyone knows food, lighting and music play huge roles and have much impact in the success of your celebration. However, timing of it all is crucial.

Before each event we design a timeline which we share with the caterer, the DJ/band, the photographer, the videographer and anyone else who we feel needs to be in the know. From the grand bar/bat mitzvah, bride/groom entrance to the dessert bar/cake cutting, everything needs to be timed perfectly for a smooth transition.

Unfortunately, we have heard the horror stories that the montage was forgotten, the special toast wasn’t given, the bouquet was never tossed and the list goes on.  Also, when a photographer/videographer are hired to capture all these precious moments, they need to be made aware of when these highlights are happening. The problem with bad timing is that all the details you may have spent months working on could be missed. For example, when dessert is placed out before the designated time, your guests may end up leaving early.

It’s easy to forget things when the party is in progress. No one wants to stop the party, but when planned properly, all should flow seamlessly.

A timed event is always a STYLED event.

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Image from Cartier.com