Most people think of the color RED when thinking about the holidays. However, more brides are selecting this as their color of choice especially those who get engaged on the “#1 get engaged day” of the year ~Valentine’s Day. According to feng~shui, the color red signifies love, romance, passion and strength. These 4 elements are a necessity in all marriages, so why not give your wedding a pop of color while igniting good energy for the rest of your lives. (It’s also been suggested to paint the master suite red to ensure a honeymoon that never ends.) We’re not talking about the red wedding in “Storm of Swords” by George R.R. Martin either. No bloody massacre will happen here unless of course, your future mother-in-law doesn’t agree with you. Take a look at some of these great photos we pulled from various internet sites and be inspired. Go ahead and start planning or let us assist you in creating your very own STYLED event. It is indeed “a nice day for a red wedding.”

The Gowns

red wedding dress

edelweiss bride wedding dressEdelweiss Bride

vera-wang-katarina-wedding-dress-541834Vera Wang Katarina Scarlet Wedding Dress Spring 2013

The Flowersred floral

red bridal bouquet

men's floral

red floral pinterest

red floral collage

michelle lisa treasure on etsyMichelle Lisa Treasure on Etsy

The Cake ~  no doubt Red Velvet 

red velvet cake

*After much scouring of the internet searching for beautiful ideas to share, we try to give credit to the proper source. If for some reason we did not, please let us know so we can make a correction.