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The big day of an event is finally arriving. Everything is scheduled to be in place. It’s time to just tie up those loose ends such as being sure everyone’s wardrobe fits properly, shoes, jewelry and other items are organized and any other considerations have been made. Often, we are asked about tipping. Tipping definitely falls into the “other considerations” category.

Although we can only make suggestions to our clients, it’s purely a personal decision and up to them upon what to give. It’s a good idea to think about this prior to the event and take care of preparing the tips then and not on the day of. Gratuities should be placed, labeled and sealed in an envelope along with a personal thank you note. An event planner or other trustworthy individual should be in charge of distributing them, so it’s one less thing the host needs to worry about.

Choosing when to tip your team of vendors is another factor that needs to be considered. Before or after? This is also a personal choice, and most industry professionals agree that tipping before is an incentive that always ensures that vendors will go that extra mile. If you’re not comfortable doing that, giving half prior is also acceptable with acknowledgment that there will be more to follow depending on the quality of service. Typically, tips given after are those for hair dressers and make up artists and any entertainers or solo performers. Donations to synagogues or churches may also be made after the service.

The next question is always, “how much”? Most caterers take care of this in the catering contract, but if the lead bartender or maitre d was exceptional, this is at the client’s discretion to give a little something more. One way of distributing gratuities is to decide how much you can afford and include it in the event budget early on, so there are no surprises. This allows you to divide it up after you compile a list of everyone working at your event. We provide a comprehensive list to our clients, just so no one is forgotten. One should also consider the relationship they’ve developed their team of vendors. It’s likely that someone really stood out and made your event even more special and then you may want to give them a little bit extra.

For those that do not want to give cash, gifts are also acceptable and always thoughtful, as well as handwritten notes. These are actually the most meaningful since they express gratitude and appreciation. Plus they serve as testimonials to the vendors’ outstanding service. Everyone loves a happy client.

The old African proverb, “It Takes A Village” holds true for event planning just the same as it does to raising children. It takes an entire creative team to make one’s event successful and memorable.

How you choose to tip is entirely up to you.

A gracious host always makes a STYLED event!

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