After the invitations are in the mail and the menu is selected (at the moment anyway), the next thing that usually falls into place are the party favors. What do you give? What do you spend? Should they all be the same for boys and girls? Is it necessary? Oy! More decisions to make.

We like to tell our clients that a “take home” is always a nice way to say, “thank you” to your guests who came to celebrate your joyous day. However, do what you’re comfortable with whether it be a nicely wrapped bag of candy, chocolate , cookies or a non consumable item like clothing or other custom specialty that can be enjoyed indefinitely.

Party favors, like the later, are kind of like souvenirs from a big event, a concert or a theme park that children enjoy wearing to continue the celebration. Of course, these do cost a bit more and if you are set on having something extra special, we suggest keeping room in the budget. Of course, we can help you with anything you want. Just remember that anything you give is a nice gesture and great memento.

We can put your logo on just about anything like hats, tank tops, t-shirts, pajama bottoms, boxers… but sweatshirts and hoodies still remain all time favorites. The list is quite extensive and we have competitive pricing which includes tagging and wrapping to ensure the perfect presentation for your STYLED EVENT.

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baseball hat

backpack favor


front back long sleeve tee


zip hoodie

pajama bottoms

hotel bag

staff shirts




long sleeve tee


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