Although February is still considered a winter month in South Florida, with possible, yet, very infrequent, low temperatures of 40 degrees, typical days still reach over 75 degrees. But we challenged Mother Nature and created a record 13 degrees in Hollywood on a balmy Saturday night.

Quite a few seasons have passed since this upcoming Bat Mitzvah came into the studio with a big smile and a bunch of ideas. At that time, we weren’t exactly sure which direction we would be going. We knew this little tween is a star on the soccer field, so it seemed natural that she would make this her ultimate goal. But boy, we were wrong as she went completely left field (polar opposite actually) and we loved it!

Clubby, sleek, and sophisticated were all adjectives used to describe this event. Color? Nope, just white and silver. Florals? Not so much. Sit down dinner? No way! A 13th birthday days away! This was to be a big celebration for the last of three children (and the only girl).

We took all our information and went straight to Galaxy Productions and designed the perfect space in the Temple Solel ballroom. High communal tables and stools for a mix and mingle atmosphere topped with ice sculpture centerpieces surrounded by glowing candlelight, an extra-large wrapped dance floor, insane artic-looking bars, a teen lounge to just chill, and an over-the-top ice luge for the perfect shots to warm the insides were just a few thoughts frozen in our mind.

Thank goodness the only thing NOT cold was the food by Artisan Caterers and the most fun crowd who were heating it up on the dance floor with Dale the Host. The menu was delicious with poke bowls, taco and carving stations, and so much more. Passed desserts included warm and toasty chocolate chip cookies, snow cones, and of course an ice cream sundae station.

As the evening continued in full party mode, Dale continued to turn up the heat with a throwback to Studio 54 which had guests big and small showing off their signature moves. Luckily, we had Ariel Cuello Photography and Rick Joseph from Boca Photo Xperience moving briskly through the room to freeze every moment in time.

A COOL vibe always makes a STYLED EVENT!

Mazel Tov to Annie and her family!

VENUE: Temple Solel ~ CATERER: Artisan Caterers ~ DÉCOR: Galaxy Productions / Just Bars ~ DJ/MC: Dale the Host ~ PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEOGRAPHY: Ariel Cuello Photography ~ GAMES: Cocktail Hour Entertainment ~ VOGUE PHOTO BOOTH: Fun Photo Booth Parties ~ PHOTO ROAMER: Boca Photo Xperience ~ INVITATION: Jennifer Keller Styled Events Paper Studio ~ MONTAGE: Amy Kratish the Montage Queen

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