The long awaited b’mitzvah service is over, your offspring is now a Bar/Bat Mitzvah and your guests are hungry and ready to celebrate the simcha. Let’s face it you’re starving too since you’ve probably not eaten since the planning began. Finally, it’s time to eat and refuel for the day and night ahead. Don’t worry, carbs are okay today. Plus, the Rabbi broke out the challah and said the Hamotzi. So, you’re definitely good to go now!

Some synagogues may put out a light nosh, while others do not. Be sure you find out what your synagogue provides. For those not going straight into a party, a kiddush brunch/luncheon is an option if it’s in your budget. It doesn’t necessarily have to be at the synagogue either. Local restaurants, hotels and country clubs are great places to host the pre~party celebration. If you do decide to switch venues, keep it convenient and be sure you have direction cards printed to make travel easy for your guests.

These brunches have evolved from the traditional fare of bagels, lox and tuna to complete spreads with omelette, carving and dessert stations. Many of our clients want their brunch to have some coordinating elements leading up to their party as well. These may include: floral centerpieces, specialty linens, custom pieces like printed cards and other personal and fun items. Recently, our mitzvah family enjoyed their celebration at Weston Hills County Club.

Regardless if you have a bagel in a box or a full-on buffet, guests with full tummies always remember a STYLED event.

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VENUE/CATERER: Weston Hills County Club

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