Selecting vendors seems to always be a topic of debate. Fortunately, we have seen more great ones out there than we have seen bad ones. However, there are some that just don’t fit our credentials. This is why we have a preferred vendor list as do many hotels and catering venues. We are always open to interviewing and meeting new vendors all the time though. Everyone likes to work with the best. When planning your big day, we want you to work with the best too. But how do you choose?

uncle sam

We all know word of mouth is usually a good resource, as it’s good to hear a great review like going to a movie or a restaurant. Unfortunately, one must remember that there are other factors to consider such as individual tastes and budgets. When a client comes to us for our recommendation, we like to share our personal experience and try to match the client with the vendor that we think will be a good “fit“.

Besides verbal recognition and testimonials, take a look at their work. Does their style match yours? Are they going to “get you“? Watch videos, see photography samples, listen to the MC/DJ and look at decor samples. Most importantly, meet them for yourself.

When hiring, keep in mind that you are entering a relationship of sorts, so you want to like who you are hiring. We like to say that “personality over price” is usually the way to go. At some point in the planning process, you will be spending much time with these individuals. You should “click” with your photographer, “jive” with your DJ and of course, “love” your wedding planner.

There are lots of great vendors in the industry and WE WANT YOU to have the very best at your STYLED EVENT.

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