We’re not talking about Michael, we’re talking about our past weekend’s Bar Mitzvah, Jordan. We had the pleasure of creating exactly what he wanted to celebrate his milestone. The 3 pointer we aimed for were: fun, fabulous and unique. We truly incorporate this in all our events, but our client was very specific. This couldn’t just be a basketball theme in a social hall. It had to be a slam dunk starting with the invitation all the way to the party favor.

Since we are always out scouting great venues, we knew the perfect one for this event. The JW Marriott Marquis Miami was just the space. Of course, not in one of their traditional ballrooms, but in their exclusive arena. This houses a full size NBA approved court and was going to be the place for our party. We knew we scored when it was available, and then we got busy drafting our main players.

Chad Everett Galaxy Productions understood our vision and was a welcome addition to our team. An actual court is larger than life, so filling it appropriately could be challenging. Of course anyone would agree that a bar should be center court. Just Bars built us a custom extra large one and we filled it with a giant “tree of life” , and added a net pattern GOBO which was a fantastic focal point. What else did we have which was extra large? Just LeBron’s and Jordan’s sneakers which were on display upon entering the arena.

One end of the court had our kids’ lounge where they had plenty of space to hang and play. The other side of the court had our adult dining area. We kept everything clean, modern and chic with floral sphere centerpieces made with orchids and calla lilies. Larger ones hung from above and brought it all together. Our color palette was grey and white with just the right pop of orange.

The super video screen was also larger than life and displayed the classic photo montage along with music videos and live feed. MC Dale kept guests of all sizes on the dance floor all night long. Fortunately, no technical fouls were called and this mitzvah had game.

We always go through “hoops” to give all our clients a STYLED event.

Mazel Tov to Jordan and his family.


 Photos below by Mavila Photography

Jordan Woolfson Mitzvah C0668

Jordan Woolfson Mitzvah C0364

Jordan Woolfson Mitzvah C0367

Jordan Woolfson Mitzvah C0375

Jordan Woolfson Mitzvah C0459


Jordan Woolfson Mitzvah C0469

Jordan Woolfson Mitzvah C0471

Jordan Woolfson Mitzvah C0475

Jordan Woolfson Mitzvah C0476

Jordan Woolfson Mitzvah C0477

Jordan Woolfson Mitzvah C0644

Jordan Woolfson Mitzvah C0657

Jordan Woolfson Mitzvah C1386

VENUE/CATERER: JW Marriott Marquis Miami ~ DECOR: Chad Everett Galaxy Productions ~ MUSIC: DJM / MC: Dale ~ PHOTOGRAPHY: Mavila Photography ~ VIDEO: Senderey Video Productions ~ MONTAGE: Partigliani Photography and Cinema

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