This Bat Mitzvah teen was all about roses, and lots of them! So, it was no surprise that we took her love of the red buds and ran to incorporate them into everything. Every party starts with an invitation and each had a rose petal placed in every one of them for just a touch of what was to come.

We then went to Galaxy Productions to design our centerpieces. Although the venue was in a nightclub/concert space, we still wanted an elegant and feminine feel. We chose mirrored cubes and boxes to house our blossom of choice. We also used our Guest of Honor (GOH)’s photos from her photo shoot as part of the décor, once again to add a more feminine vibe. Additionally, we brought in a wall of gorgeous foam roses as well as giant single ones to place on the stage next to the DJ.

The evening began in Stache where adult guests enjoyed the premier cocktail speakeasy-style lounge downstairs while the teens went upstairs to play games and such before the doors opened for the grand reception in Revolution Live. Our GOH then made her grand entrance with a special choreographed dance.

Rock With U Entertainment was ready to party with an amazing playlist. Emcee Chris had the crowd on their feet all night long while Chez Gourmet served up a delicious specialty menu. Sally from W Studios was in the center of it all alongside David Sheriff Video to capture “everything coming up roses”.

Taking time to stop and smell the roses always makes a STYLED event!

Mazel Tov again to Andi and her family!

VENUE: Revolution Live ~ COCKTAIL HOUR: Stache ~ DÉCOR: Galaxy Productions ~ CATERER: Chez Gourmet ~ DJ/MC: Rock With U Entertainment / Chris ~ PHOTOGRAPHY: W Studios ~VIDEOGRAPHY/MONTAGE: David Sheriff ~ PHOTO BOOTH: Fotoboyz ~ GAMES: Cocktail Hour Entertainment

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This was our second mitzvah with this super cool family, and we knew it had to be super cool just the same. So, after multiple meetings and playing around with a few theme ideas and design “OSTROWORLD” was announced.

The name was a play on the Guest of Honor’s (GOH) last name and his love for Travis Scott’s last album “ASTROWORLD”. Although the album title is named after the defunct theme park Six Flags AstroWorld, this party was going to be anything but lifeless. Just like the rapper’s intention with his long-awaited album, we wanted to give the guests fun.

The first matter of business was to get a giant golden inflatable head made just like the album cover. We knew Galaxy Productions always loves making our vision come to life and that they did! Photos were taken of our GOH and an engineered design was created to replicate our super WOW factor which would star in the intro video and be used again for our GOH’s grand entrance.

Our venue of choice was Sway Nightclub which was perfect for this particular theme. We added large colored spheres to the ceiling structure along with graphics and photos to accent the space. Booze Garden hosted our cocktail hour. The unique establishment had plenty of games, fun libations, and kitschy décor adding to our “fun factor”!

Rock With U Entertainment took “No Bystanders”, Emcee Chris and the dancing crew got everyone on the dance floor. So much swag was tossed, and the teens were no doubt in “Sicko Mode” the entire night. Toni Jade Photography and Partigliani Photography + Cinema did much “Stargazing” and captured all the action.

Chez Gourmet Catering presented a great menu from Slider and Italian stations to poke bowls and a popcorn bar before their scrumptious desserts. Fotoboyz brought their flying cotton candy which added to the festival-feel. Upon leaving, Cinnabon made a great late-night treat (or a great treat to “Wake Up” to).

Singing to your own tune always make a STYLED event!

Mazel Tov again to Brady and his family!

VENUE: Sway Nightclub ~ COCKTAIL HOUR: Booze Garden ~ DÉCOR: Galaxy Productions ~ CATERER: Chez Gourmet ~ DJ/MC: Rock With U Entertainment / Chris ~ PHOTOGRAPHY: Toni Jade Photography ~VIDEOGRAPHY/INTRO VIDEO: Partigliani Photography + Cinema ~ MONTAGE: Montage Queen Amy Kratish ~ PHOTO BOOTH/COTTON CANDY: Fotoboyz ~ LASER TATTOO: Cocktail Entertainment ~ LATE NIGHT SNACK: Cinnabon

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When we met Lexi, our Bat Mitzvah Guest of Honor (GOH), she had a specific vision in mind for her special day. This spunky teen knew exactly what she wanted from the dress she designed herself all the way to her custom shoes and everything in between.

We knew it had to be elegant and chic, but she also wanted a little touch L.A. From the Santa Monica Pier to the glam red carpet and the Hollywood Walk of Fame, we needed to incorporate all these great elements into the design.

We went over to Galaxy Productions to discuss our thoughts and those of our GOH. Of course, video mapping was an option to reflect great images of the California landmarks, but we opted for using new massive state-of-the-art LED panels which were positioned perfectly in our teen lounge area to showcase the best west coast shots. Stanchions and custom pillows then made the space ideal for any VIP.

Our color palette was hot pink, silver, and white, so we chose white tables and topped them with gorgeous centerpieces filled with hot pink cotton candy roses and white hydrangeas. We then draped the Kol Tikvah ballroom in white and wrapped the dance floor with a custom logo. Just Bars signature silver wave bar was added to compliment and complete the look.

The synagogue lobby was transformed into a red-carpet movie premier straight out of Hollywood. Our family members were each honored by their own stars inspired by the world’s most famous sidewalk. Giant silver laser cut letters with our GOH’s name stood up against a hedge wall where guests had a photo op with the paparazzi. Lastly, facades from famous locations such as “In-N-Out Burger” and “NOBU” were displayed above VIP Caterers’ insane menu of party favorites during the cocktail hour.

Once inside, Pure Energy Entertainment took the stage. Emcee Marcelo and his dancers captured the energy on the dance floor while Aaron and Juan from VMA Studios, and Jason from JC Video Productions captured all the star-studded moments and memories. Christine Newburg was sure to capture all the expressions in her hand drawn caricatures. VIP Caterers, of course, captured every taste bud with a selection of four entrees before their signature dessert parade.

Upon exiting, all guests were treated to more desserts, a candy bar, specialty grilled cheese sandwiches and truffle fries, and more SWAG.

Partying like a Rock Star always make a STYLED event!

Mazel Tov again to Lexi and her family!

VENUE: Congregation Kol Tikvah ~ DÉCOR: Galaxy Productions/Just Bars ~ CATERER: VIP Caterers ~ DJ/MC: Pure Energy Entertainment / Marcelo ~ PHOTOGRAPHY: VMA Studios /Aaron Lurie ~ VIDEOGRAPHY: JC Video Productions ~ PHOTO BOOTH/GAMES: Cocktail Entertainment ~ CARICATURE ARTIST: Christine Newburg ~ LATE NIGHT SNACK: Cheffrey Eats ~ CANDY BAR: Carolyn’s Creationz

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No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else! ~ P.T. Barnum

P.T. Barnum said it best as this Bat Mitzvah was certainly not like everyone else’s. Our mitzvah family was super obsessed with The Greatest Showman. The 20th Century Fox musical was inspired by the imagination of the infamous visionary, and of course, the film inspired our mitzvah mom so much she had her own vision of what she wanted for her daughter’s showstopping event.

We had plenty of planning to do to recreate “The Greatest Show” and we knew there was no one better than Galaxy Productions to make these “Million Dreams” come true. From the outstanding performers and choreographed entrance to our incredible set design and brightly-costumed cast, nothing would be “Never Enough”.

Next, we spent lots of time scouting venues which was another key element. Which space would be the perfect location to host theatrical performances as well as dancing and dinner? Fortunately, The Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater had availability, and the iconic auditorium where legends of the Golden Era graced the stage would now host us!

Although Hugh Jackman could not attend, we had our own all-star cast. Chris from Rock With U Entertainment played a great ring master in his custom coat and top hat while the top-notch dancers entertained. The sword swallower, trapeze artist, and chair balancing acts had guests big and small on their feet gasping for more. Our mitzvah family also took center stage with their fabulous wardrobe and the anticipated Father-Daughter dance received a standing ovation.

Chez Gourmet Catering also played a crucial co-starring role with their clever presentation of circus-like cuisine. Classics like corn dogs, warm pretzels, and popcorn were available, but other specialty items included truffle fries, charred brussel sprouts, chicken and waffles, and macaroni and cheese cupcakes. The Steakhouse, Asian, and Taco dinner stations were of course delicious, but everyone loved the dessert selection; Funnel cake, Caramel apples, and Fried Oreos amongst many others completed the creative menu.

What’s a circus without the fluffy pink floss? FotoBoyz brought their interactive flying cotton candy booth with LED glow sticks as well as an open-air photo and roaming photo booths to capture more magical moments. Circus Eats was stage left with their mobile trailer featuring more favorites like snow cones and candy apples.

Prior to the event, Domino Arts captured our Guest of Honor (GOH) at the Gold Coast Railroad Museum which was the perfect backdrop for the images we used at the party. The larger than life photos were placed inside and outside the theater. The talented duo along with Timeline Video Productions worked all over the theatre that evening to make sure the event memories “Come Alive”.

I wish for happiness like this forever ~ Charity Barnum

“Dreaming with your eyes wide open” always make a STYLED EVENT.

Mazel Tov again to Alivia and her family!

VENUE: The Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater ~ DÉCOR/PERFORMERS: Galaxy Productions ~ CATERER: Chez Gourmet ~ DJ/MC: Rock With U Entertainment/Chris~ PHOTOGRAPHY: Domino Arts Photography / VIDEOGRAPHY: Timeline Video Productions ~ PHOTO BOOTHS/FLYING COTTON CANDY: Foto Boyz ~ GAMES: Cocktail Entertainment ~ SPECIALTY DESSERTS: Circus Eats ~ INVITATION: Jenifer Keller Styled Events and Invitations

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Two brothers, two personalities, and one kick a@# party was had! From the start, we couldn’t agree more that “Fire & Ice” was a great theme for this dynamic duo. We also knew that we had to have those two key elements throughout the party.

We went straight to Galaxy Productions with these HOT ideas and got the ball rolling. Just like lyrics from a popular song, “We were hot then cold and then yes and then no” until we figured out every detail. Décor had to incorporate both components from beginning to end.

Upon entrance, guests were greeted by a live wall with fiery painted artists before indulging in VIP Catering’s HOT and COLD cocktail hour cuisine. The young ones enjoyed plenty of activities from Cocktail Hour Entertainment and 84 West Events. The 360-degree photobooths from Motivat8 were so cool, they were HOT!

The Kol Tikvah ballroom was transformed by repositioning the stage and using white as the main color palette with pops of red. Mokara Orchids and Pin Cushions accented the white opaque and clear glass vases while custom logo ice sculptures made grand visuals on opposite tables. Although the enormous ice luge kept adult guests entertained, the fire breathing bartenders amused all big and small.

Premier Power Productions kept things HOT on the dance floor with JuICE as the emcee. It was a non-stop dance party and continued with DJ Zog to finish the night which included an insane confetti explosion. Fortunately, Aaron Lurie from VMA Photography Studios was a ball of fire as he captured every moment.

VIP Catering provided four delectable entrée choices and of course their signature dessert parade. And if that wasn’t enough, Chik-fil-A was served as guests departed giving them the infamous sandwich on an early Sunday morning.

Blending magnifICEnt opposites always make a STYLED event!

Mazel Tov again to Andrew, Jeremy, and their family!

VENUE: Congregation Kol Tikvah ~ DÉCOR: Galaxy Productions ~ CATERER: VIP Catering ~ DJ/MC: Premier Power Productions / Juice ~ DJ After Party: DJ Zog ~ PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEOGRAPHY: VMA Studios /Aaron Lurie ~ MONTAGE: JC Video Productions ~ PHOTO BOOTH: Motiva8 ~ GAMES: Cocktail Entertainment & 84 West Events

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We were fortunate to have the opportunity to create a Bat Mitzvah in a most unique venue. Our Guest of Honor (GOH) didn’t want the typical party in a typical venue, so we ventured over to The Village at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach. Strike 10 Bowling & Sports Lounge was a perfect space to plan a memorable night for our Mitzvah family and their guests.

Upon entry, the young guests entered the arcade area where they had plenty of tokens to play the abundance of games. While the cocktail hour offered plenty of food and drinks for everyone, it also offered additional amenities such as billiards and over 30 large HD TVs for the adults to enjoy in a plush lounge area.

Once cocktail hour was over, Dale the Host opened the dance floor. The facility’s state-of-the-art sound system and lighting complemented our “MC Kingpin” who had everyone on their feet. From the grand entrance to the hora, no ordinary formalities were missed during this not so ordinary mitzvah.

Everyone loves traditional bowling alley treats, but Strike 10 really knew how to put a spin on the classic cuisine. They certainly upped their game with signature staples such as pizza to international buffet stations and more; The only turkeys here were made by the guests!

Later in the evening, the ropes were lifted, and the lanes were open and ready for bowling. Plenty of SWAG was given out while the teens showed off their fancy skills. Guests big and small also scored big with a candy bar, s’mores station, and a special cookie display.

With no time to spare, Toni Jade Photography was on-site to capture every frame.

A perfect game always makes a STYLED EVENT.

Mazel Tov again to Hannah and her family!

VENUE/CATERER: Strike 10 ~ DÉCOR: Galaxy Productions ~ DJ/MC: Dale the Host ~ PHOTOGRAPHY: Toni Jade Photography ~ PHOTO BOOTH: Boca Photo Xperience ~ TATTOOS/LASHES: Face Painting by Sandy ~ S’MORES BAR: Carolyn’s Creations ~ COOKIES: Midnight Cookies ~ PHOTO MONTAGE: Amy Kratish ~ Montage Queen

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We knew right away that our Guest of Honor (GOH) didn’t want a traditional evening Bar Mitzvah party with lots of dancing, over-the-top décor, performers, etc. His favorite part of attending mitzvahs is the cocktail hour when a variety of games are usually available. When we told him that we could create his entire party around his love of video games, he no doubt was GAME!

So, it was time to let the games begin… We started with our GOH’s list of must-haves and were sure to reserve all of them way in advance from Cocktail Hour Entertainment before doing anything else. We then made a game plan to design a space that would coordinate nicely with our arcade-filled ballroom at Congregation Kol Tikvah.

Tali Table Designs created sophisticated custom tables and centerpieces with neon touches which scored plenty of points during this luncheon celebration. Pure Energy Entertainment never disappoints; Emcee Matt and his crew always come to every event with their game faces on and ready to play! Another star player was VIP Caterers. They served up the perfect brunch menu for gamers big and small.

Marjy & Andy Photography and JC Video Productions know it’s all fun and games but didn’t miss a shot to capture all the winning moments.

Mazel Tov again to Lee and his family!

Keeping your head in the game always make a STYLED EVENT.

VENUE: Congregation Kol Tikvah / CATERER: VIP Caterers ~ DÉCOR: Tali Table Designs ~ DJ/MC: Pure Energy/Matt ~ PHOTOGRAPHY: Marjy & Andy Photography ~ VIDEOGRAPHY: JC Video Productions/Jason Chandler ~ GAMES: Cocktail Hour Entertainment ~ INVITATION: Jenifer Keller Styled Events and Invitations

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We had an ABSOLUTE connection when meeting this client! It was instantaneous since our style and taste were so similar. We discussed important elements and there was no hesitation when determining that this Bat Mitzvah was going to be ultra-feminine and elegant with some old Hollywood glam.

We began the planning process with a black and white color palette. Later on, we decided to include a pop of purple especially after our Guest of Honor (GOH) chose her invitation which we had also created.

Next on our list was décor. We had plenty of ideas and went to Galaxy Productions to discuss them. Our perfect vision was to have classic black art deco style vases topped with white roses to make a simple, yet stylish statement. Clearly, we wanted modern white tables to place them upon. Plus, the plush white velvet chairs were an ABSOLUTE favorite find!

We further went on to make custom logo chargers to add a personalized touch to each place setting. The teen area also needed a giant splash of black and white, so a custom graphic wall was designed creating an ABSOLUTELY perfect backdrop next to the dance floor.

Our unique venue was EMKO Palm Beach. The popular artsy restaurant was undergoing an ABSOLUTELY extreme renovation and fortunately, they completed it just in time for our event. The evening began with a cocktail hour in the courtyard on the most beautiful South Florida night. As guests mingled and enjoyed the large garden sculptures, they were greeted by our living wall where a hand-painted performer surprised and took photos with everyone. Before moving into the party, a stilt-walker cut adult guests their place cards from ribbons above for a different and fun effect.

Galaxy Entertainment had everyone on the dance floor the entire night. Lou and Sal were high-energy, and the crowd ABSOLUTELY loved it! A surprise appearance by LED performers also had everyone wanting more. And more, there was ABSOLUTELY more! A candy wall was unveiled displaying an abundance of favorites. And if that wasn’t enough, an ABSOLUTELY beautiful cake made by Nina’s Fresh Bakery was served alongside other sweet creations.

Who better to capture all the magical moments than Mavila Photography and JC Video Productions. Both teams always work ABSOLUTELY amazing together and are sure not to miss a thing. Boca Photo Xperience was also on hand to capture live moments with their roaming camera and fun portraits with their “Photomingle” booth. Thank goodness Freddy the Artist was airbrushing great bags for guests big and small to carry all their swag.

Chic and sophisticated mitzvahs are right up our “ALI”, and always make a STYLED EVENT.

Mazel Tov again to Ali and her family!

VENUE/CATERER: EMKO Palm Beach ~ DÉCOR: Galaxy Productions ~ DJ/MC: Galaxy Entertainment/Lou ~ PHOTOGRAPHY: Mavila Photography / VIDEOGRAPHY: JC Video Productions/Jason Chandler ~ PHOTO BOOTH: Boca Photo Xperience ~ AIRBRUSH: Art Spot Airbrush/Freddy the Artist ~ PERFORMERS: Galaxy Productions ~ GAMES: Funtastic Photofavors ~ INVITATION: Jennifer Keller Styled Events and Invitations ~ CAKE: Nina’s Fresh Bakery

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This was the first time we collaborated with another industry professional to bring an event to life. Our Guest of Honor’s (GOH) mom’s very dear friend is an event planner in New York and of course, this Jersey girl wanted her input along with ours. So, we combined notes with Beth Fink Event Planning, made the proper recommendations and executed ZEE perfect celebration.

The theme came together by using the GOH’s initials and then deciding how to create a Manhattan nightclub vibe. We immediately went to Galaxy Productions, Tali Table Designs, and Just Bars to project our vision. As always, all of them are ZEE best team to work with.

From the massive modern and sleek silver wave bar with the DJ built into the back bar to the custom silver crocodile tables and unique centerpieces set with mini calla lilies and a pop of electric green, the ambiance was ultimate for a non-stop party. Ricky City from Rock with U Entertainment flew straight in from the Big Apple to give the crowd a true NYC Club experience.

ZEE dance floor was packed all night while Palm Caterers of Weston served up ZEE most incredible menu of favorites. Just when one thought the club-like atmosphere was in full swing, the LED drummer made an entrance with his spectacular performance.

Victoria from Toni Jade Photography and the Timeline Video Productions’ crew were all over ZEE ballroom capturing every moment.

Guests big and small enjoyed lashes and tattoos, a green screen photo booth, plenty of DJ giveaways, a candy bar, and so much dessert. But in true Jersey style, one should only have more food, so La Nostra pizza truck was ready to serve up slices as guests departed.

Watching everyone have ZEE best time always makes a STYLED EVENT.

Mazel Tov again to Zach and his family!


VENUE: Temple Dor Dorim ~ CATERER: Palm Caterers of Weston ~ DÉCOR: Galaxy Productions/Tali Table Designs/Just Bars ~ DJ/MC: Rock With U Entertainment/Ricky ~ ~ PHOTOGRAPHY: Toni Jade Photography ~ VIDEOGRAPHY: Timeline Video Productions ~ COCKTAIL HOUR MUSIC: Justin Jeffreys ~ PHOTO BOOTH/GAMES: Cocktail Hour Entertainment ~ DANCE FLOOR WRAP: Alexander Mason Designs ~ LASHES/TATTOOS: Face Painting by Sandy ~ LED DRUMMER: Light Up the Night ~ FOOD TRUCK: La Nostra

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Two brothers with one love for baseball made planning this event a great start at home plate. However, the athletic duo along with their number one fan (Mom), didn’t want a traditional rendition of the game. It needed to be sleek and modern with slight touches of the classic sport. We immediately knew who we would recruit to be on our all-star team.

First up to bat would be Galaxy Productions, we know they never allow any curve balls. So, we began the design plan and decided on not just one pop of color but two. Orange and red would be our choices for this grand slam event. We wanted the teen area to replicate a dugout and feature giant video mapping of famous baseball moments such as the Red Sox winning the World Series. The rest of the playing field would need a wrapped dance floor, custom tables, great seating, an oversized bar, and amazing centerpieces.

Our other key players would be Tali Table Designs followed by Just Bars. The hand-made tables to look like a leather ball complete with red stitching were supreme as were the laser cut acrylic logo base-shaped placemats in coordinating colors. Our massive grass bar was also quite the hit with this crowd.

More VIP players on our infield team consisted of Artisan Foods Catering, Rock With U Entertainment, Lux Images, and Jason Chandler Video Productions. Emcee Chris kept the dance floor packed all night while the Artisan team scored a home run with their incredible menu. Nothing kept our photographers and videographer from capturing each play-by-play moment either.

We know that the players in the outfield are just as important, so we had Capture Pod Photo Booth and Freddy the Artist entertain our big and small fans alike. The baseball concession stand at the end of the evening was stocked with iconic ballpark treats including the original Cracker Jack.

We knocked this one out of the park because having an all-star team and mitzvah family always make a STYLED EVENT.

Mazel Tov again to Ramsey & Roman and their family!

VENUE: Temple Beth El of Boca Raton / CATERER:  Artisan Foods Catering ~ DÉCOR: Galaxy Productions/Tali Table Designs/Just Bars ~ DJ/MC: Rock With U Entertainment/Chris ~ PHOTOGRAPHY: Lux Images / VIDEOGRAPHY: Jason Chandler ~ PHOTO BOOTH: Capture Pod ~ AIRBRUSH: Freddy the Artist

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