This Bar Mitzvah planning started with the typical list of items to check off…venue, caterer, music, photographer, etc. However, there was an added twist… a strategic marketing plan! The inspiration was that of a sports campaign based on our Guest of Honor’s (GOH) favorite words, values, and goals. Guests were to witness what the savvy teen represents and who he is.

We then shared the idea with Galaxy Productions. Together we collaborated to create the perfect look to achieve the proper representation. We decided on a sleek and modern design with an edgy feel, but added a soft touch with some florals. Tali Table Designs made glossy black and gun metal custom tables while Just Bars installed a large urban metal bar with contemporary fixtures. Of course, included were plenty of awesome super-sized graphics and televisions.

Premier Power Productions positioned themselves right in the center of Temple Kol Ami’s ballroom. MC Kershel, straight outta NYC, was the perfect brand ambassador of the evening. He certainly understood his target market, which was why the dance floor was always hoppin’. The DJ booth featured video mapped photos of our superstar which rotated throughout the night. Custom logo tees were tossed among other logo items showcasing our brand, and our Bar Mitzvah (GOH), once again.

VIP Caterers were the market leader of the evening with their extensive and delicious menu, and catering presentation. As always, their trademark dessert parade had everyone wanting in on the action. Alison Frank Photography and Newborn Studios did a great job capturing of all the visual identities and personalities.

There was no doubt that guests enjoyed the entire brand experience.

A great image always makes a STYLED EVENT.

Mazel Tov to Jake and his family!


VENUE/CATERER: Temple Kol Ami / VIP Caterers ~ DÉCOR: Galaxy Productions/ Tali Table Designs / Just Bars ~ DJ/MC: Premier Power Productions / Kershel ~ PHOTOGRAPHY: Alison Frank Photography ~ VIDEOGRAPHY: Newborn Studios ~ GAMES: Cocktail Hour Entertainment ~ PHOTO BOOTH: Fun Photo Booth

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Everyone who works with us knows that we always go through hoops for all our clients and this one was no different. We had a one-on-one with our Bar Mitzvah Guest of Honor and found out that his favorite pastime is basketball, and his favorite team is the Golden State Warriors.

Weston Hills Country Club was the venue of choice, and we wanted the look of the ballroom to have a clean look with a super modern take on the sport using authentic balls mixed in with florals, mixed metals, and glass. Of course, our pop of color without question was going to be orange.

Galaxy Productions came in for the assist along with Tali Table Designs. The combination of the décor teams scored big with the design details including custom wrapped tables and a back bar in basketball-like material. Video mapping was also used featuring real game day footage as well as clips of our star player.

Following services, guests entered the party through the “Hall of Fame” where they were surrounded by great shots of our superstar. Cocktail hour was served, and then it was game time with the start of the traditional hora.

Weston Hills County Club Catering hit a 3-pointer by serving delicious appetizers, an incredible buffet lunch, and decadent desserts. Liquid X Cream was also on site on the back court preparing and freezing ice cream right in front of guests with Liquid Nitrogen. Our Guest of Honor learned to whip some up and made some passes to his crowd.

Marcelo and the Pure Energy Entertainment team took over center court, and had guests singing, dancing, and cheering. A favorite period was when our playmaker took over the stage and did some free throws. The crowd went wild as they caught their souvenir logo sweatshirts.

Other game day entertainment included air hockey, pop a shot, live virtual reality video, and the Doodlebooth p  hotobooth.

Toni Jade and her photography team and Senderey Video Productions were on the sidelines capturing the play by play of the day.

Having a ball always makes a STYLED EVENT.

Mazel Tov to Jake and his family!

VENUE/CATERER: Weston Hills Country Club ~ DÉCOR: Galaxy Productions/ Tali Table Designs ~ DJ/MC: Pure Energy Entertainment / Marcelo ~ PHOTOGRAPHY: Toni Jade Photography ~ VIDEOGRAPHY: Senderey Video Productions ~ GAMES: Cocktail Entertainment ~ PHOTO BOOTH: Eventz Photo Booth ~ VR Live: 84 West ~ DESSERT: liquid X cream

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Our Guest of Honor knew exactly what she wanted for her Bat Mitzvah, and we went with it from beginning to end with every last detail covered. It was obvious that the entire inspiration for this party came from our special teen’s second home… her sleep away camp in upstate New York, and just like that “Camp Charli Jayden” was born.

Guests were greeted with their bunk assignments and they settled nicely into their evening accommodations. S’mores martinis welcomed them at the oversized bar decorated with Charli’s authentic camp gear including her laundry bag, blanket, t-shirts, and stuffed emoji pillow.

From a handmade cabin structure complete with Adirondack chairs, to the gaga pit, and everything in between, Lane from Dalsimer Atlas Floral & Event Decorators took on the challenge that would win color war. Hanging glass with candles on branches adorned authentic trees with plush smilax vines, hydrangeas, and other white florals which sat upon custom tables created by Tali Table Designs. The ballroom at Kol Tikvah was draped all in black with tiny twinkle lights reflecting a night at camp.

VIP Caterers served up a menu of amazing cuisine, including an endless buffet of sushi that every dining hall would envy. Cocktail hour contained stations replicating camp favorites such as Breakout BBQ, Pizza Party, Sing Chinese and Prime 12776. Although signature appetizers were passed, Easy Cheese on crackers delighted guests big and small.

A 5-star dinner was then served dining hall style on custom acrylic trays. But Milk Call will never be the same, the over-the-top and outrageous desserts from a s’mores buffet to huge milkshakes garnished with plenty of chocolate and gummy bears had guests writing home to tell all about it.

Rock With U Entertainment played amazing tunes the entire evening. Ross was an awesome “Camp Leader”, and his team of “Counselors” had everyone on the dance floor for the social event of the season.

Lux Images and Senderey Video Productions captured all the magical moments and enough footage to “refresh, refresh, refresh” any computer screen.

Upon departure, all our campers were able to stock up at the Canteen and pick up their care packages. A huge variety of camp candy favorites were offered, and campers received logo sweats, Cup Noodles, and a custom logo fidget spinner.

Camp friends make the best friends and happy campers always make a STYLED EVENT.

Mazel Tov to Charli and her family!

VENUE/CATERER: Congregation Kol Tikvah /VIP Caterers ~ DÉCOR: Lane of Dalsimer Atlas Floral & Event Decorators / Tali Table Designs ~ DJ/MC: Rock With U Entertainment / Ross ~ PHOTOGRAPHY: Ricardo & Alan Lux Images ~ VIDEOGRAPHY/MONTAGE: Senderey Video Productions ~ GAMES: Funtastic Photos ~ PHOTO BOOTH: Capture Pod

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Although Hurricane Irma and the University of Miami Hurricanes tried to keep this party from happening, we created our own Category 10 Bar Mitzvah celebration at Hard Rock Stadium, the home of the Miami Dolphins and University of Miami Hurricanes football teams.

The stadium has hosted numerous premier events including four Super Bowls, two World Series, and four BCS National Championship Games just to name a few. And now, Ryan’s Bar Mitzvah will be added to their elite list.

Guests were blown away when they got to enter on the very field where The Miami Dolphins play ball. Then the first quarter, aka cocktail hour, was held in The Dolphin’s locker room where all guests big and small were mesmerized by all the behind-the-scenes memorabilia.

In the second quarter, we moved guests into the exclusive Hyundai Club where Tali Table Designs implemented our vision. The décor needed to be modern and clean with just the right touch of the American sport. Turf was placed down the tables and our guest of honor’s initials were added amongst plenty of candle light making it elegant, yet masculine.

During the third quarter, Centerplate, the stadium’s caterer, served delicious game day specialties on the sidelines while Dale the Host was center field. Dale had no problem drafting guests to the dance floor where he rocked the party like a hurricane.

The final quarter was a sweet one. Liquid X Cream prepared and froze ice cream right in front of guests with Liquid Nitrogen. Guests were also treated to a candy bar display where they got to receive all their favorite sugary goodies. Between homemade donuts, made-to-order ice cream, and a smorgasbord of candy, guests indulged in a winning combination.

Mavila Photography and Senderey Video Productions had the perfect linemen tackling the job of capturing each winning moment of the evening.

Enjoying every second on the clock, and being in the zone always makes a STYLED EVENT.

Mazel Tov to Ryan and his family!


VENUE/CATERER: Hard Rock Stadium/Centerplate ~ DÉCOR: Tali Table Designs ~ DJ/MC: Dale the Host ~ PHOTOGRAPHY: Mavila Photography ~ VIDEOGRAPHY: Senderey Video Productions~ MONTAGE: Partigliani Photography + Cinema ~ PHOTO BOOTH: Eventz Photo Booth ~ DESSERT: liquidXcream

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It’s that time of year when the sun sets earlier, pumpkin spice lattes are all the rage, and October’s signature holiday is right around the corner. Although, the leaves will not be changing colors in our Sunshine State, our first event of the month brought the favorite season for many to Weston Hills Country Club, our venue for this Bat Mitzvah.

Galaxy Productions and Tali Table Designs took our vision and transformed the ballroom into the state known for its golden trees and shimmering colors of yellows, reds, and oranges. The resort town in Colorado was brought to life with the family’s personal photos projected around the space with some spectacular video mapping.

We selected a gorgeous suede fabric to cover the custom tables and topped them with authentic fall leaves and trees along with river stones and lanterns for a genuine touch of Aspen. The oversized modern faux wood bar from Just Bars would make a mountain lodge envious.

The kids’ area had a Gaga Pit especially made for our guest of honor. Some played the dodgeball-like game, while others sat around the firepit enjoying their popcorn and other treats. Matt and the Pure Energy Entertainment crew heated up the dance floor and had the Aspen chic guests going late into the night.

Weston Hills Country Club served insane buffet stations created with the hosts’ favorite Aspen restaurants in mind. From BBQ to Asian, and American to Italian, the options were endless. And if that wasn’t enough, Donut Divas and Hip Pops came to serve outrageous desserts such as fried Oreos, donuts, and a variety of chocolate dipped ice cream bars.

Additionally, all guests got to take home s’mores cookie dough cups from the infamous New York confectionery DO, Cookie Dough Confections, as well as soft logo blankets for those South Florida autumn nights.

icapture creative and Jason Chandler Video Productions were right on-site to capture all the scenic moments.

Falling in love with every detail always makes a STYLED EVENT.

Mazel Tov to Ashley and her family!

VENUE/CATERER: Weston Hills Country Club ~ DÉCOR: Galaxy Productions / Tali Table Designs / Just Bars ~ DJ/MC: Pure Energy Entertainment/Matt ~ PHOTOGRAPHY: icapture creative ~ VIDEOGRAPHY: Jason Chandler Video ~ MONTAGE: Amy Kratish ~ FLIP BOOKS: Cocktail Hour Entertainment ~ DESSERTS: Donut Divas/Hip Pops

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Our first event of the 2017-2018 season was a hit! We took this one to Downtown Miami where we lit up The Jewel Box on Biscayne Boulevard. The venue behind the iconic Bacardi building, currently the National YoungArts Foundation, could not be more perfect for this Bat Mitzvah.

The event space was a large box surrounded by floor to ceiling stained glass which made a unique backdrop needing minimal décor. Our guest of honor plays the drums, so we wanted to be sure to incorporate those elements into the party without being too excessive.

We took our vision to Tali Table Designs, and she was super excited to create our custom bars and tables, as well as our centerpieces. We went with a grey leather-like finish on the communal-style dining area, and used copper metal to cover the bar and cocktail tables. The added touch around the area were hanging light fixtures, also with a copper metal interior finish.

Since we wanted to achieve a cool urban and organic vibe, the centerpieces were built and stained to house succulents and cacti, and then sprayed with a stencil reflecting our little drummer girl’s party quote and logo, “This is the Life”. Authentic drumsticks were placed in between the wooden boxes and candle light set the mood.

Guests were greeted with the sound of bongo drums and tasty treats from Silver Linings Catering. The premier South Florida caterer passed items which included mini franks, empanadas, and confit chicken drumettes. The charcuterie station was accented with a variety of drums, and the teens enjoyed their “Drum on the Rocks” mocktail which was served with a swizzle stick, of course. They then followed the first set by serving up specialties from around the world with American, Asian, and Mexican stations.

It was music to everyone’s ears as our Bat Mitzvah surprised everyone by playing on her own drums. Alberto and the Pure Energy Entertainment team kept the rhythm going all night. They also played alongside our Bat Mitzvah’s drum instructor, Evan, which was also quite the hit!

The evening concluded outside under the stars on the mezzanine with dessert and a powerful performance by Fushu Daiko, a Japanese Taiko drumming group. However, the party wasn’t over yet. The grand finale was a drum circle conducted by Echo Beats. Each guest was given their own drum to play during this segment of the night. Alison Frank Photography was on hand to capture every beat of this magical night.

Beating to your own drum always makes a STYLED EVENT!

Mazel Tov to Joey and her family!

VENUE: The Jewel Box ~ CATERER: Silver Linings Catering ~ DÉCOR: Tali Table Designs ~ DJ/MC: Pure Energy Entertainment / Alberto ~ PHOTOGRAPHY: Alison Frank Photography ~ PHOTO BOOTH: Eventz Photo Booth ~ GAMES: Cocktail Hour Entertainment ~ DRUMS: Fushu Daiko /Echo Beats

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Skiing on mountains and eating s’mores at camp,

Playing football and baseball like a champ,

This was the last Bar Mitzvah of the season in spring,

and these are a few of Sam’s favorite things.

And so, this was how we began to plan for Sam’s big day. It was a difficult decision to stick with just one of our Guest of Honor’s passions, so we had to be creative by incorporating all four of his favorite pastimes. The event needed to not be kitschy, but needed to have a modern and clean look to reflect our multi-themed party.

Tali Table Designs was thrilled to take on another creative endeavor as they designed large custom white royal and square tables, and a huge custom bar. Vintage items were then found and displayed in acrylic boxes along with authentic grass, cool lingo and graphics, and plenty of votives. Each structure contained all of the four elements: skiing, football, baseball, and camp.

Visual displays of Sam’s favorite quotes and definitions were printed on fabric and hung over the teen area which was furnished with white sleek club seating and custom logo pillows. The back bar also exhibited definitions in large bold fonts. Whether it were words or real props, it all came together perfectly in the ballroom at Temple Dor Dorim.

Premier Power Productions played our hosts’ favorite tunes, while MC Juice had the guests on their feet singing and dancing all night long. Palm Caterers of Weston served up a menu of more fan faves including jello shots for this fun bunch. Toni Jade Photography and Jason Chandler Videography were sure to capture the best-loved, most-liked, and favored moments before the La Nostra Pizza truck arrived at the end of the night to serve up another one of Sam’s favorite late night snacks.

Implementing all your ˈfāv(ə)rət things is a true definition of a STYLED event.

Mazel Tov to Sam and his family!

VENUE: Temple Dor Dorim ~ CATERER: Palm Caterers of Weston ~ DÉCOR: Tali Table Designs ~ DJ/MC: Premier Power Productions/Juice ~ PHOTOGRAPHY: Toni Jade Photography ~ VIDEOGRAPHY: Jason Chandler ~ GAMES: Cocktail Hour Entertainment ~ PHOTO BOOTH: Capture Pod~ FOOD TRUCK: La Nostra Pizza

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This Bar Mitzvah was all about fun from the start. Our guest of honor, Ryan, loves video games, and wanted plenty at his party. We took our cue from this, and we let the games begin.

First off, we had to secure a bunch of his favorite arcade games which would be used during the entire event, and not just for the cocktail hour. Of course, these included Pole Position, Xbox, Air Hockey, as well as LED Ping Pong, Foosball, and the much-requested Light Game.

We then had to configure the ballroom at Weston Hills Country Club to include space for his large selection in addition to the large amount of guests, buffet stations, and dance cubes. Fortunately, the club is sizable and worked well with our game plan.

Next up, was creating décor to complement the theme. Tali Table Designs and Eventorist took our vision and everything was “aglow”. The custom tables with clear ghost chairs had neon lighting around the perimeter, and the centerpieces showcased neon lit game names as well as acrylic structures filled with neon-colored water, and plenty of votives.

As guests arrived they took neon bracelets which had their seat assignments. The purpose was for everyone to have a little glow on. The teens loved wearing a bunch up their arms, as they got into the spirit of celebrating.

Weston Hills Country Club placed a variety of buffet stations which covered every meal for every taste bud. From their infamous French toast sticks to traditional bagels and lox to carving and Asian stations, one did not leave hungry. Adults loved the Mimosa, Sangria, and Bloody Mary bars, and kids loved their very own smoothie bar which, of course, had glowing neon cups.

Pure Energy Entertainment brought their “A Game” as the party on the dance floor never stopped. MC Bryan, not only acted as the emcee, but also a Coach as he had multiple requests for playing “Coke and Pepsi” which kept the kids competitive and entertained.

Heather Funk Photography and All Digital Productions captured all the smiles proving that it’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game.

Throwing it back old school always makes for a STYLED EVENT!

Mazel Tov to Ryan and his family!

SERVICE/VENUE/CATERER: Weston Hills Country Club ~ DÉCOR: Tali Table Designs /Eventorist ~ DJ/MC: Pure Energy/Bryan ~PHOTOGRAPHER: Heather Funk Photography ~VIDEOGRAPHER: All Digital Productions / Ryan Rubenstein ~GAMES: Cocktail Hour Entertainment

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From basketball to baseball, and all in between, Jordan was unsure to what theme he should have on his big day. Although baseball is his favorite sport, he decided after his ultra-cool photo shoot all over downtown Ft. Lauderdale that he wanted more of an edgy street vibe.

We loved this concept, since it allowed us to implement elements we don’t typically have an opportunity to use. We also knew we had a perfect canvas and space at The Gallery of Amazing Things. The museum in itself had a great urban-chic atmosphere to work with. The natural art pieces also created an amazing backdrop.

Once the client gave us the green light, we couldn’t wait to plan the space. First we started with custom tables from Tali Table Designs which were created with cement-like color and texture. The custom bar was then designed with faux bricks and heavy metal signage to complement the look. We selected metal bistro chairs to surround the tables. We wanted a pop of color, and red was an obvious choice.

The next step was to have unique centerpieces, and Eventorist was thrilled to work with our scheme. Metal pipes, hardware, and cinder blocks were used to suspend and house air and succulent plants, and other greenery. Each place setting was then topped with a succulent to tie it all together.

Palm Caterers of Weston served an outrageous menu from cocktail hour through the party, while Chris and his crew with Rock With U Entertainment had the party going full speed ahead. The only traffic at this party was on the dance floor. Guests danced non-stop to music sets in-between dining on delicious bites that included a gourmet salad, tuna towers, filet mignon and salmon entrees, and an incredible assortment of dessert options.

Alison Frank Photography and Jason Chandler Videography were on-site and had the right-of-way to capture all the moments.

Taking it to the streets always makes a STYLED EVENT.

Mazel Tov to Jordan and his family!

VENUE: Gallery of Amazing Things ~ CATERER: Palm Caterers of Weston ~ DÉCOR: Tali Table Designs/Eventorist ~ DJ/MC: Rock With U Entertainment/Chris ~ PHOTOGRAPHY: Alison Frank Photography ~ VIDEO: Jason Chandler ~ GAMES: Cocktail Hour Entertainment ~ PHOTO BOOTH: Capture Pod

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Of course, the planning process began with getting to know our Bat Mitzvah Guest of Honor as it usually does. However, we found out that this tiny teen is multi-talented and has a diverse variety of interests. Therefore, it was difficult to focus on just one thing. So, just as the largest pop culture gathering, Comic Con, which features many pop culture elements such as animation, toys, collectibles, video games, anime, and more, Leahcon was born.

We started with the creation of her very own Bitmoji, and all else fell into place. The cartoon avatar was an exact duplication representing Leah’s soccer star status. Not only is she a rock star on the soccer field, she plays classical piano, enjoys video games, hi-tech gadgets, and other unique gaming items… and her favorite color is green!

Galaxy Productions, as always, understood our vision, and designed a space with a contemporary look. Unique lightsaber centerpieces surrounded by hand-dyed Dendrobium Orchids in green, blue, and yellow were placed in test tubes, along with plenty of candlelight, providing the perfect ambiance. Video mapping on a custom-made circular structure projected images of cool graphics and Leah throughout the party.

In addition to Ricky City keeping the guests on the dance floor with his upbeat personality and charm, Rock With U Entertainment came out with their 5-piece fusion band. They played a variety of instruments to add to the DJ’s mixes which kept things unique, entertaining and interesting. From candy, to embroidered hats to fidget spinners, glow batons, and gift cards, there were an abundance of DJ giveaways that the crowd loved.

Haute Cuisine served a delicious menu and plenty of drinks while Sam B. Photography and Owen O’Malley captured all the magical memories. The young teens (and many adults) also got a kick out of playing the soccer game during cocktail hour, as well as using 3D virtual reality goggles during the night.

However, the highlight of the evening was Leah’s grand entrance where she was perched at the keyboard playing an unbelievable classical piece which had everyone stunned. She then played with the band a few more times during the night while her #1 fans cheered her on. This certainly added a super cool and unexpected element to the party.

Playing with the band always makes a STYLED event.

Mazel Tov to Leah and her family!


VENUE: Temple Beth Emet ~ CATERER: Haute Cuisine ~ DÉCOR: Galaxy Productions/Just Bars ~ DJ/MC: Rock With U Entertainment/Ricky ~ PHOTOGRAPHER: Sam B. Photography ~ VIDEOGRAPHY: Owen O’Malley ~ PHOTO BOOTH: Eventz Photo Booth ~ GAMES: Cocktail Hour Entertainment / 84 West Events

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