As everyone knows our industry’s season (and the world) came to an abrupt halt this past spring. As we managed our clients’ emotions, changed venues, and changed dates during this unbelievable and unprecedented time, we still believed that life’s milestone moments are worthy of any type of celebration. Fortunately, our clients felt the same way and our last event of 2020 was an incredible milestone all by itself.

Regardless of a pandemic or not, health and safety are always a priority. However, we were sure that all CDC guidelines were followed when planning this Bar Mitzvah. Unfortunately, the original venue remained closed and the guest count was cut in half, but that did not stop Spencer from wanting to hoop it up at his party.

Lakeside Terrace Boca Raton had the capability to have an indoor/outdoor reception to ensure that all guests were comfortable. Upon arrival, guests of all ages were invited to sign a basketball (logo hand sanitizers were easily accessible at every turn) and take a logo mask. They then enjoyed a cocktail hour on the terrace while Galaxy Productions placed the final touches in the ballroom.

The spaced open seating with custom acrylic signage, candles, and minimalistic florals were set around the dance floor while logo basketballs, an abundance of sneakers, and a giant ice luge surrounded the space. Pure Energy Entertainment got guests to interact and dance in a safe manner making this event a slam dunk to wrap up the year.

This avid basketball fan took full court advantage of the evening and enjoyed every minute. No matter how many masks were worn, there was no disguising the joy and love everyone felt.

Sharing love and not germs always makes a STYLED EVENT!

Mazel Tov to Spencer and his family!

VENUE/CATERER: Lakeside Terrace Boca Raton ~ DÉCOR: Galaxy Productions / Just Bars ~ DJ/MC: Pure Energy Entertainment/Justin~ PHOTOGRAPHY: Carlos Aristizabal Photography ~ GAMES/ PHOTO ROAMER: Cocktail Hour Entertainment ~ INVITATION: Jennifer Keller Styled Events Paper Studio

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“A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous.” ~ Coco Chanel

It was well over a year ago when we met these two sisters to discuss their B’not Mitzvah. First, we brainstormed on ideas to incorporate both their personalities, interests, and hobbies. However, after the months passed and the vision was tweaked quite a few times, these girls discovered that fashion was their common bond.

So, we literally went back to the drawing board to create something as classy and fabulous as these siblings. Just like any storyboard, we had to define the elements of color, texture, and pattern. One thing for certain, this party was going to be anything but basic.

Although, Galaxy Productions loves when we push for an avant-garde approach, we wanted this event to be sensible and classic. Any fashionista knows that timeless elegance never goes out of style. Therefore, our floral palette would consist of white and hot pink roses as well as calla lilies. These would be placed on acrylic white tables in modern white and mirrored vases. A pop of silver would accent our place settings and be ideal for our sophisticated textured wave bar from Just Bars.

The girls ventured to Miami’s Design District like any fashion model would for their “on location” pre-shoot which made the best backdrop for some signature portfolio shots to display on the huge LED screen in the ballroom at Temple Beth Am. Designer logos were also thoughtfully placed throughout the space, but the dance floor was wrapped with the girls’ very own signature logo.

Guests entered on the red carpet where our paparazzi Claudia Storper was front and center to shoot the best looks of the evening. The fabulous crowd was then directed to sit at tables named after trendy California streets where every corner is literally a runway. Juce from Premier Power Productions (AKA Triple P) knew just what to do to keep this catwalk packed all night.

Our run of show also included Chef David Schwadron who served up a menu for those with the most discernible of taste buds. Rick from Boca Photo Xperience was also on point as he captured fun shots of our cover girls and their crew.

Of course, keeping up with the latest styles always makes a STYLED EVENT!

Mazel Tov to Amanda and Katelin and their family!

VENUE: Temple Beth Am ~ CATERER: Chef David Schwadron ~ DÉCOR: Galaxy Productions / Just Bars ~ DJ/MC: Premier Power Productions (Triple P)/Juce ~ PHOTOGRAPHY: Claudia Storper ~ VIDEOGRAPHY/MONTAGE: Memory Factory ~ GAMES: Kids City Party Rental ~ PHOTO BOOTH: Boca Photo Xperience

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Although February is still considered a winter month in South Florida, with possible, yet, very infrequent, low temperatures of 40 degrees, typical days still reach over 75 degrees. But we challenged Mother Nature and created a record 13 degrees in Hollywood on a balmy Saturday night.

Quite a few seasons have passed since this upcoming Bat Mitzvah came into the studio with a big smile and a bunch of ideas. At that time, we weren’t exactly sure which direction we would be going. We knew this little tween is a star on the soccer field, so it seemed natural that she would make this her ultimate goal. But boy, we were wrong as she went completely left field (polar opposite actually) and we loved it!

Clubby, sleek, and sophisticated were all adjectives used to describe this event. Color? Nope, just white and silver. Florals? Not so much. Sit down dinner? No way! A 13th birthday days away! This was to be a big celebration for the last of three children (and the only girl).

We took all our information and went straight to Galaxy Productions and designed the perfect space in the Temple Solel ballroom. High communal tables and stools for a mix and mingle atmosphere topped with ice sculpture centerpieces surrounded by glowing candlelight, an extra-large wrapped dance floor, insane artic-looking bars, a teen lounge to just chill, and an over-the-top ice luge for the perfect shots to warm the insides were just a few thoughts frozen in our mind.

Thank goodness the only thing NOT cold was the food by Artisan Caterers and the most fun crowd who were heating it up on the dance floor with Dale the Host. The menu was delicious with poke bowls, taco and carving stations, and so much more. Passed desserts included warm and toasty chocolate chip cookies, snow cones, and of course an ice cream sundae station.

As the evening continued in full party mode, Dale continued to turn up the heat with a throwback to Studio 54 which had guests big and small showing off their signature moves. Luckily, we had Ariel Cuello Photography and Rick Joseph from Boca Photo Xperience moving briskly through the room to freeze every moment in time.

A COOL vibe always makes a STYLED EVENT!

Mazel Tov to Annie and her family!

VENUE: Temple Solel ~ CATERER: Artisan Caterers ~ DÉCOR: Galaxy Productions / Just Bars ~ DJ/MC: Dale the Host ~ PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEOGRAPHY: Ariel Cuello Photography ~ GAMES: Cocktail Hour Entertainment ~ VOGUE PHOTO BOOTH: Fun Photo Booth Parties ~ PHOTO ROAMER: Boca Photo Xperience ~ INVITATION: Jennifer Keller Styled Events Paper Studio ~ MONTAGE: Amy Kratish the Montage Queen

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Just a couple of years ago, we had the privilege of creating this family’s Bar Mitzvah and this time we had the pleasure of creating their daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. Since they loved all their vendors during their first go-around, we did not hesitate to use all of them once again. So, we gathered our cast of characters and jumped right into our Broadway-themed event.

For one night only, “Bright Lights, Big Party” was going to be a spectacular celebration of our Guest of Honor (GOH). We positioned ourselves into our director role and went straight to Galaxy Productions to present our design ideas for our production.

The set was definitely going to be clean and modern. Instead of wrapping the dance floor, we wrapped white acrylic tables with a colorful display of signature Playbills from some of our GOH’s favorite shows. The teen lounge was filled with black furnishings and logo pillows to provide comfortable and intimate stage seating.

The stage was set with an oversized LED wall which reflected great New York sights and theatre posters with our GOH as the leading lady. Premier Power Productions brought their usual star power and sound to Temple Kol Ami’s ballroom. Hershel from NYC was cast once again as the emcee to manage every act. He certainly had everyone on the dance floor for every musical number.

VIP Caterers played a best supporting role with their superb menu selection and fabulous catering presentation. Alison Frank Photography captured all the dramatic events of the evening in her role the paparazzi. At the end of the night, guests gave “Bright Lights, Big Party” a standing ovation.

Being a star on stage always makes a STYLED EVENT.

Mazel Tov to Jolie and her family!

VENUE/CATERER: Temple Kol Ami / VIP Caterers ~ DÉCOR: Galaxy Productions / Just Bars ~ DJ/MC: Premier Power Productions / Hershel ~ PHOTOGRAPHY: Alison Frank Photography ~ GAMES: Cocktail Hour Entertainment ~ PHOTO BOOTH: Fun Photo Booth Parties ~ INVITATION: Jennifer Keller Styled Events Paper Studio

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We were super excited to be working with this sports-loving family once again. Years ago, we had the pleasure of creating an amazing tennis-themed event, but during this round, our Guest of Honor (GOH) wanted a different vibe. The focus was not going to be on his favorite sport, but on the atmosphere of the party.

However, we still needed to incorporate a personalized touch. So, we decided to do this with the logo which was inspired by an iconic athletic brand. We headed straight to Sway Nightclub in Ft. Lauderdale and knew that this was exactly the feeling our GOH wanted.

The club’s space was ideal with its built-in sound system, lighting, bars, and furnishings. All we had to do was pop our larger than life logo in various places and add some great images from our GOH’s photoshoot. Those few elements scored big to tie the space together.

Of course, it was game on when Timeline Video Productions shot the intro video on the courts at Smatts Tennis Academy in Hollywood. Our star player certainly was the star of his video which showcased his mad tennis skills. Add some cool tunes and it was a smashing prelude to his grand entrance.

Chez Gourmet served up a menu that was a match for every taste bud and Jonathan and Julie Mavila of Mavila Photography rallied to capture every move of the evening. But it was Rock with U Entertainment that kept the game going on the dance floor. Sean and his team had non-stop energy set after set which kept guests of all ages wanting more. Our GOH was even seen surfing the crowd multiple times during the night.

Scoring points with our clients always makes a STYLED EVENT!

Mazel Tov again to Zach and his family!

VENUE: Sway Nightclub / Booze Garden ~ CATERER: Chez Gourmet ~ DJ/MC: Rock with U Entertainment/Sean ~ PHOTOGRAPHY: Mavila Photography ~ INTRO VIDEO/VIDEOGRAPHY: Timeline Video Productions ~ PHOTO BOOTH: Fun Photo Booth ~ INVITATION/FAVORS: Jennifer Keller Styled Events Paper Studio

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OMG, we were totally buggin’ when one of our regular clients asked if we would be interested in planning her youngest daughter’s “Sweet Sixteen” party! Well, that was a no-brainer, especially when she told us that she wanted it to be inspired by one of her all-time favorite movies, Clueless. (You know the one where Alicia Silverstone plays Cher Horowitz, a Beverly Hills high school student.) Without hesitation, we jumped right into planning a party about the teen cult classic and totally get it…the style, the attitude, and of course, the lingo.

The venue needed to be classy and elegant, yet intimate for all of her trendy friends. We didn’t want a typical ballroom setting either, we needed a club-like atmosphere. We decided that V Boca couldn’t be more perfect. So, we met with Galaxy Productions to get everything in place from the centerpieces made with single roses in test tubes and plenty of candlelight to the modern décor, crystal chandeliers, and sleek furnishings.

We used our Guest of Honor’s (GOH) initials “AS” (Coincidentally the same as the movie’s main actress) to carry throughout the party which just happens to also be one of the most iconic phrases in the 1995 feature… “Ugh, as if!”

Just “as if” V Boca’s layout and design weren’t fabulous enough, we had to have the “most capable looking” dance floor and table wraps to complete our look. The colorful graphic design featured all our GOH’s favorite things and gave so much impact in the space. Another big “WOW” factor was the swing vignette we designed for the best “insta” opportunities.

DJ Kris Prime was “Rollin’ with the Homies” on the dance floor while Jonathan Mavila of Mavila Photography showed that he certainly wasn’t clueless in the photog department; He took the most amazing snapshots the entire evening. The cake from The Cake Lovers made its’ own statement as did the abundance of swag. But it was the marbling that ultimately received the most attention. The tie-dye painting technique showcased at many outdoor festivals such as Coachella was brought in from out-of-state to be a part of this special teen’s celebration.

Being totally butt crazy in love with our clients and parties always makes a STYLED EVENT!

Mazel Tov again to Avery and her family!

VENUE: V Boca ~ DÉCOR: Galaxy Productions ~ CATERER: Embassy Suites ~ DJ: Kris Prime ~ PHOTOGRAPHY ~ Mavila Photography~ PHOTO BOOTH: Capture Pod ~ INVITATION/SWAG/SWING: Jennifer Keller Styled Events Paper Studio ~ LOGO DESIGN: Kicks by Sammy ~ FAVORS: Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry~ MONTAGE: Amy Kratish Montage Queen ~ CAKE: The Cake Lovers

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We were so fortunate to work with this fantastic family a second time around. A couple years ago, we got to be all chic and sparkly. But this time, we were able to capture Alec’s vision which, of course, was completely opposite of his sister’s party. The focus was on all his favorite sports teams and treats from Philadelphia.

We started with the logo which was inspired by the renowned graffiti artist (Alec Monopoly) with the same moniker. The rest of the design then flowed seamlessly. Philadelphia Eagles, Phillies, and 76ers were going to take center court. We then went to Galaxy Productions to discuss our thoughts and decided it would be a slam dunk to convert the Boca West Country Club’s Grand Central Deli, Sports Bar, and Grill into a personalized arena for our Guest of Honor (GOH).

Upon arrival, guests entered an inflatable sports tunnel on green turf to our extended cocktail hour which gave a taste (literally) of what was to come. The space was transformed into a sports lovers’ paradise. Bleachers were placed in the corners next to a giant wall which had video mapped images of Philadelphia sights and sporting events while the perimeter had incredible food carts reminiscent of an authentic ballpark. There was even a sighting of the Phillie Phanatic, the beloved furry green mascot of the Phillies, and Swoop the iconic mascot of the Eagles.

After indulging in tasty treats and libations, guests were then escorted to the sports-themed restaurant. Just like any game day, excitement was in the air and there was no doubt that we scored a home run with this crowd. The massive LED wall displayed our GOH’s logo before showing all kinds of graphics in combination with colorful lasers which added to the enthusiasm.

The abundance of food choices was unreal and if guests were not eating, Dale the Host had them dancing! Guests of all ages scored plenty of dance floor swag. Authentic jerseys, oversized team slippers, hats, shirts, and so much more including Reese’s Puffs cereal were fan favorites! And if all of that wasn’t enough, the Chick-fil-A food truck greeted guests upon their departure for an early (unheard of) Sunday morning snack.

Jonathan Mavila of Mavila Photography never sat on the bench as he took full court advantage to capture the entire evening’s festivities. This past summer, he even went to Philly with the family to get great shots of our GOH in his treasured hot spots which we used as part of our décor.

Shining the light on what you love always makes a STYLED EVENT!

Mazel Tov again to Alec and his family!

VENUE: Boca West Country Club ~ DÉCOR: Galaxy Productions ~ CATERER: Boca West Country Club ~ DJ/MC: Dale the Host ~ PHOTOGRAPHY ~ Mavila Photography ~ PHOTO BOOTH: 84 West ~ GAMES: Cocktail Entertainment & 84 West Events ~ GOH SNEAKERS ~ Freddy the Artist ~ INVITATION/SWAG/FAVORS: Jennifer Keller Styled Events Paper Studio ~ LATE NIGHT SNACK: Chick-Fil-A ~ MONTAGE: Amy Kratish Montage Queen

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We knew from the very beginning that this Bar Mitzvah would be one like we had never done before. Add a hurricane warning in the mix and this certainly was a first. Considering our service and party were scheduled at the Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa which happens to be in an evacuation zone, we were on standby all week. But fortunately, we continued with our preparations and Hurricane Dorian couldn’t keep us from celebrating this milestone moment with this great family.

Our Guest of Honor (GOH) loves fashion amongst many other things such as basketball and rap. He wanted to put all these things together. Although this is a frequent request admidst our teens, this one had to be extremely unique. Our GOH George needed his own brand ~ a collaboration of sorts… and, that’s exactly what we did!

We took the vision to Galaxy Productions and created some elaborate designs to execute the plan. The Flagler Ballroom at the Eau Palm Beach would be transformed into George’s flagship store. Guests would enter through a custom storefront before finding their way to their tables and oversized custom wrapped dance floor and stage. Arches were designed to link the tables together and crystal chandeliers hung from above. Calla lilies, succulents, and plenty of candles completed the look of a high-end department store.

The space had areas for each of the collaborations which included Nike, NBA, KITH, and Comme des Garçons. George’s signature collab logos were on merchandise that guests could wear and take home. From t-shirts, fuzzy PJ shorts, and hats to custom slides, jerseys, athletic shorts, and basketballs, nothing was overlooked. The branded Nike Air Force 1’s were they eye of this storm. (Everyone had their eyes on them.) Of course, all teens and ‘tweens received branded backpacks to put all their swag inside.

Geo and his team from New York had everyone on the dance floor the entire night. This group enjoyed the non-stop party while the Eau served up elaborate stations for dinner. FotoBoyz took great shots of all our party peeps to create a magnificent mosaic image of our GOH and the talented Denis Leon managed to capture the vibe of the night through his lens. The only aftermath from this amazing event was the confetti which came in as a Category 5!

Rockin’ it like a hurricane always makes a STYLED EVENT!

Mazel Tov again to George and his family!

VENUE: Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa ~ DÉCOR: Galaxy Productions / Just Bars ~ CATERER: Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa ~ DJ/MC: Geo Events / Geo ~ PHOTOGRAPHY ~ Denis LEON & CO. Photographers Studio  ~ VIDEOGRAPHY: New Level Cinema ~ CAKE: Earth & Sugar ~ PHOTO BOOTH: FotoBoyz ~ GAMES: Cocktail Entertainment & 84 West Events ~ CONFETTI CANONS: Premier Power Productions

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It was “1” gorgeous day for this white wedding at the 1 Hotel South Beach. We were super excited to plan this lavish affair after we heard about our bride’s vision. Although we began searching for high-end venues with extremely elegant atmospheres, we ended our search at Miami Beach’s premier sophisticated earth-friendly resort which inspired us even more.

All of us instantly fell in love with the eco-chic property filled with reclaimed woods and lots of lush greenery. The organic appeal blended perfectly with our décor plan which included authentic cherry blossoms, orchids, hydrangeas, ranunculus, and peonies. Once confirming the ballroom was available, we went to Petal Productions to share our thoughts which they executed to perfection.

For the ceremony, we used the hotel’s atrium room which had natural light shining from above. The cherry blossom chuppah was magical and looked as if it was right out of a storybook. We then designed the ballroom with plenty of round tables and one gigantic royal table which was certainly suitable for our new Mr. & Mrs. and their wedding party. The dance floor was wrapped with a high-gloss finish to tie the entire space together.

Libido took the stage and had everyone on their feet as they played the newlyweds top picks. Later in the night, a DJ came to spin more hits for those that attended the after-party. Of course, “1” more dance was requested!

1 Hotel South Beach served a delicious menu from the rehearsal dinner to the cocktail hour and the reception. Guests indulged in a fun variety of desserts and a gorgeous wedding cake that had them raving all the way to the pretzel cart as they departed for the evening.

Emily Harris Photography and Senderey Video Productions always make the perfect pair as they captured every single memorable moment.

Going with your number “1” choice always makes a STYLED EVENT.

Mazel Tov to Jenny and Brian!

VENUE/CATERER: 1 Hotel South Beach ~ DÉCOR: Petal Productions ~ Band: Libido ~ PHOTOGRAPHY: Emily Harris Photography ~ VIDEOGRAPHY: Senderey Video Productions ~ PHOTO BOOTH: Capture Pod ~ MAKEUP/HAIR: Rachel’s Brides- Rachel/Cassie

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From the minute our Guest of Honor (GOH) walked into the studio quite some time ago, we knew working with him would be so much fun. (Yes, working with him.) This vivacious pre-teen knew exactly what he wanted (and what he did not). He was extremely specific about the food, the favors, the logo, the décor, and especially the music.

Typically, we start with a décor plan, but this time we knew we had to book our entertainment right away. Fortunately, we were spot on and Sean from Rock with U Entertainment was available to be our emcee. He was the perfect fit for our particular and discerning young client.

Our next request was to have a “clubby” vibe with touches of neon. We went to Galaxy Productions with our interpretation of our GOH’s wishes and collaborated with what we thought would be the best way to transform the ballroom at B’nai Aviv.

Of course without a doubt, the space needed to be draped in black. We then decided to use all communal tables topped with neon cube centerpieces, a bit of floral, and LED bar stools and hi-tops. Besides selecting Just Bars’ silver wave bar for our libations, we used a smaller one for our DJ booth below the giant LED screen. We set lounges with black furnishings around the room with LED cubes, and finally, we knew what our “WOW” factor would be.

We were wanting to use an LED dance floor all season and knew this was the event to do so. The large multi-colored floor was the perfect way to tie everything together – a great “WOW” especially when our GOH made his grand entrance.

Food Art Caterers served a Kosher menu of unique items including neon popcorn as a welcome treat, panko coated cheese sticks, grilled cheese sandwiches, a variety of salads, and so much more. But it was our GOH and his non-stop partying on the dance floor with the Rock with U dancers that commanded everyone’s attention.

From singing into his imaginary mic and riding the hora chair like a wild bull to diving into the crowd, Jonathan and Julie of Mavila Photography were right in the center to capture every minute of this party-loving boy having the best time. Rick of Boca PhotoXperience was also nearby with his roaming photobooth capturing more fun and upbeat moments.

Being the life of the party always makes a STYLED event!

Mazel Tov again to Steven and his family!

VENUE: B’nai Aviv ~ DÉCOR: Galaxy Productions / Just Bars ~ CATERER: Food Art Caterers ~ DJ/MC: Rock with U Entertainment / Sean ~ PHOTOGRAPHY: Mavila Photography ~MONTAGE: Blue Orchid ~ PHOTO BOOTH: Boca PhotoXperience ~ GAMES: Cocktail Hour Entertainment

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